The Desk that Hides your Wires and Cables

Caretta Workspace blends design and technology to create a work environment that’s personal, beautiful and unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. We create a seamless blend of computer to desk, starting with making those tangled piles of wires and cables disappear! Our contemporary computer desks, adjustable standing desks, tables and functional accessories transform the elegance of solid hardwood furnishings into an uncluttered productivity tool, customized for YOUR work habits and YOUR technology. For those who love both design and technology, Caretta workspaces are a quantum leap in ergonomics and versatility, with each desk built specifically for you.  We have the desk that can hide your wires and cables. It's more than office furniture, it's functional art.

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Executive Sit-Stand Desks
Executive Sit-Stand Desks
Caretta Workspace Complete Office
Vinton Sit-Stand Desks
Loft and Condo Desks
Table for Home and Office
Caretta Workspace Complete Office
Storage Options
Custom Laser Engraving
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