Options for Loft Series Desks | Products By Caretta Workspace
  • Loft Desk Companion Seat

    Loft Desk Companion Seat

    This seat folds away when not in use.

  • Desktop Riser Shelf

    Desktop Riser Shelf

    Riser shelf adds to desktop space.

  • Small Shelf

    Small Shelf

    This shelf is perfect for a tower computer, or other components.

  • Large Shelf

    Large Shelf

    This shelf is large enough to hold a home printer or just add extra desk space.

  • Loft Desk with Accessories

    Loft Desk with Accessories

    Mount the shelves high for added desktop space.

  • Storage Tray

    Storage Tray

    U-shaped tray that mounts to the desk leg for storing books, folders and other personal items.

Options for Loft Series Desks

Accessories for Loft Series Desks - Desk Shelves, Storage Trays, Desktop Riser Shelves, Companion Seats

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