Natural Cherry Loft Desktop Riser Shelf
Loft Desktop Riser Shelf, Natural Cherry

Loft Desktop Riser Shelf, Cherry

Elevate your computer monitor and gain desktop space with this Solid Cherry Shelf
Item # 511-0031-002-00-0 - Loft Desktop Riser Shelf Cherry
Dimensions 30" X 9"


If you need to elevate your computer monitors to make them easier to view, the Desktop Riser Shelf for Caretta Loft Desks is the accessory that you need. 

This solid cherry hardwood shelf allows you to raise your monitor off of the desktop, which has the added benefit of gaining more desktop space. There are openings through the shelf that allow your monitor wires to pass through, and go directly into the main desk cable tray with access to the power strip and computer.

The 3/4" thick, solid cherry shelf is both attractive and very sturdy. It can easy handle a large single monitor or dual monitors up to 24" class. 

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