• Desk Shelves

    Desk Shelves

    There are two sizes of desk shelves that attach to either side of the desk legs.

  • Monitor Arms

    Monitor Arms

    There are several monitor arms to choose from for many applications.

  • Desktop Riser Shelf

    Desktop Riser Shelf

    This shelf is a good place to elevate your monitors and gain additional desktop space.

  • File Cabines for L shaped desks

    File Cabines for L shaped desks

    There are several file cabinet options to fit under the desk returns.

  • Power Organizer Tower

    Power Organizer Tower

    Add storage trays and 3 power plugs to your desktop.

Options for Modern Urban Desks

Accessories for Modern Urban Series Desks - Desk Shelves, Organizer Towers, Desktop Riser Shelves

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