Options for Artistic Series Desks | Products By Caretta Workspace
  • Artistic Computer Shelf

    Artistic Computer Shelf

    This shelf can be mounted on the inside or outside of the desk legs.

  • Artistic Printer Shelf

    Artistic Printer Shelf

    This shelf has a mall supporting foot, so it can carry a lot of weight.

  • Desktop Riser Shelf

    Desktop Riser Shelf

    The shelf comes with it's own integrated cable tray, and has an option for an LED light bar.

  • Modesty Panel

    Modesty Panel

    A Modesty Panel adds privacy. Optional Laser Engraving adds your logo or favorite graphic.

  • Monitor Arms

    Monitor Arms

    There are monitor arm options for many different applications.

  • File Cabinets for L Shaped Desks

    File Cabinets for L Shaped Desks

    File cabinets fit under the Return of the L Shaped Desks.

  • Power Organizer Tower

    Power Organizer Tower

    Tower adds paper trays and power plugs right to the desktop.

Options for Artistic Series Desks

Accessories for Artistic Series Desks - Desk Shelves, Organizer Towers, Desktop Riser Shelves, Modesty Panels

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