Loft Computer Shelf, Cherry

Small Shelf for Loft Desk, Cherry

Shelf provides a place to sit a computer, or just provide some extra desktop space for the Cherry Loft Desk
Item # 511-0042-002-00-0 - Loft Small Shelf Cherry
Dimensions 20.75" X 8"


This  Small Shelf for the Loft and Logo Desks Adds a place to store a printer, or just a place to gain extra desktop space. 

The Small Shelf for Loft Desks provides storage at your desk for computers, UPS's, external hard drives, and any other device that you use at your desk. This attractive cherry wood shelf can be mounted on the inside or outside of the desk legs, which keeps them out of the way, yet always within reach, and close to the main desk cable tray and power strip. The quick release shelf brackets make it easy to move the shelf to your desired height. 

For added desktop space, mount it in the highest position on the desk leg.
The 20.75" X 8" Large Shelf for Loft and Logo Desks in ash works well with heavy computers, or other equipment. 

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Small Loft Desk Shelf Dimensions


Small Loft Desk Shelf Dimensions