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Loft Desk Storage Tray, Cherry

Loft Desk Storage Tray, Cherry

Desk Storage Tray for Books, Binders, Folders or other Ready-to-use Items
Item # 511-0046-002-00-0 - Loft Storage Tray Cherry
Dimensions 2.55" X 14.25"


For easy storage right at your fingertips, the Loft Storage Tray in Cherry is the perfect option for your Loft Desk.

When you have important books and binders that require instant access, they can always be right at your side.  This is also an excellent place to store a backup hard drive, Roku or Apple TV devices, or other components that need a home at your desk. 

The quick and easy connect shelf attach system lets you attach the shelf on the inside or outside of the Loft Desk legs. This formed aluminum tray is sturdy enough to hold heavy books and binders. It comes with a premium felt lining so your storage items won't scratch and bang.  With the solid cherry hardwood side, it is the perfect match for your desk.

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