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Desk Personalization

Let us customize your Caretta products with custom logos and designs. Take a look at some of our favorite personalized looks for your office space.


      desk with corporate logo

Logo Standing Desk


ham radio deskAdd custom laser engraved graphics to your desk for a personalized look.  You can add a corporate logo, special interest graphic, or virtually anything else to your desk. This is an example of a Ham Radio Desk. The graphic is laser engraved onto a solid cherry panel and inserted into a modesty panel on the front of the desk.

corvette deskThis is an example of a Corvette desk. Are you into horses, cars, a certain band or virtually anything else?  Just ask us and we can engrave it onto your desk. You can even supply your own artwork.

logo in desk drawer

You can add custom logos or graphics to other parts of your desk as well.  Here is an example of a custom logo laser engraved into the micro suede on the inside of a drawer.

Harley Davidson Desk

This in an example of a desk with a corporate logo, Harley Davidson desk.  This is a standing desk that is set to a fixed height, with a laser engraved modesty panel. 

wildlife desk

This desk has three laser engraved sections with a different view if a cheetah in each one.  This is a true wildlife desk!

logo in desk drawer

Here is a closer view of one of the the cheetah's that is laser engraved in the the desk modesty panel.

cheetah's engraved in desk drawer

The Cheetah Desk was complete with laser etching into the micro-suede lined drawers.

custom logo inlaid in tableWe can even provide custom inlaid graphics into tables.


  • Laser engrave corporate logos, special interest graphics onto your desk.
  • Add a modesty panel to your desk with a custom look unique to you.
  • Add logos or other graphics to the inside of drawers
  • Custom inlays are also available for tables.