About the Designer

Larry Tracewell - Founder, Caretta Workspace & Tracewell Systems

Larry Tracewell designer founder Caretta Workspace

In 1973, I founded Tracewell Enclosures with an innovative series of injection molded electronic enclosures.  In the early 1970's designing and packaging small electronic equipment was difficult, most enclosures were manufactured using bent up sheet metal. In addition to injecting molding, I used die cast aluminum and added many shapes and sizes with user friendly features to our product family.  Tracewell Systems has changed over the last thirty years, yet still continues to offer fully integrated systems and solve many complex issues with new designs and manufacturing techniques.

In 2005, I founded Caretta Workspace.  Today, the story is the same, while the product is different.  When I look at computer hardware and the continuous evolution in computers, displays, printers, UPS systems, and accessories, a computer system on a desk presents a lot of opportunities for innovative solutions.  Many desk options are lacking in flexibility and design.  Drawing on the experience and evolution of past engineering and manufacturing projects, and many hours of dedicated design, I believe I've solved these problems.

I'm pleased to introduce to the market the Caretta line of office products.  Never before have cable management, flexibility, innovation, and forward-thinking come together in such a beautiful line of furniture.


Larry Tracewell - Founder, Caretta Workspace, Tracewell Systems