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Cable Management

cables are hidden caretta workspace

Make Tangled Wires and Cables Disappear

Preserve the beauty and neatness of your workspace. Caretta Workspace’s design conceals cables and wires in cable trays and passageways that are hidden throughout the desk and connected to an integrated, 6 or 12 position surge suppressing power strip. All of your equipment integrates into your desk, with just one power cable coming out. Now that’s smart!

Artistic, Modern Urban, Traditional, and Standing Desks:

Desk with Cable Management


Vinton Sit-Stand Desks



Loft Series, College, Logo Desks:

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Desk Before
desk before caretta workspace cable management
With a tangled mess of cables and power strips.

Caretta Desk After
desk after caretta workspace cable management front
The clean look of the Caretta Desk with the integrated 12 position power strip.

large desk cable tray with multiple entry pointsThe Caretta Desk is designed with a large cable tray that has many entry ports throughout the desk top and legs.

Cable management for iMac Computer
If you have an iMac, all of the cables drop right into the tray through the desk top.

desktop computer cable management into the deskIf you have a tower computer, put it on a desk shelf and the wires enter the cable tray through the desk legs.

Integrate 14U of rack space into deskYou can integrate up to 12U of rack mounted equipment.

More info on Rackmounting

power organizer tower with power outlets at the desk topIf you have a Power/Organizer Tower, you can store your wired components such as a wireless router in the tray, and all of the wires route into the cable tray. You can also plug in your laptop on the front of the tower.

power strip cable management caretta workspaceEverything plugs into the integrated 6, 9, or 12 position surge suppressing power strip.

  • Six, None, or Twelve plug positions
  • Plugs are spaced wide enough to accommodate transformers side-by-side
  • 1824 joules of surge suppression
  • Max load 1875 Watts
  • 15 Amp resettable circuit breaker
  • 9 Foot cord
  • Mounts directly to cable tray for easy access to all power cords
  • Can be mounted with cord out of left or right of desk
  • Clips on desk leg to secure cord
  • “Surge Protection” LED indicates strip is providing surge suppression (green led = surge protection good, red led = surge protection failed)
  • “Ground” LED indicates strip is plugged into a grounded circuit (green led = circuit grounded, red led = circuit not grounded)


  • Caretta completely hides most of the cables on your desk.
  • Cable passageways are located throughout the desk so equipment mounted on legs and shelves can be connected through the main cable tray.
  • The optional Desktop Riser Shelf has its own cable tray, which is connected to the main cable tray.
  • The optional Power Organizer Tower can hold your wired components and brings power plugs right to the desk top.
  • With Desktop USB Flash Audio Ports, you can plug your earbuds, flash storage devices and phone right into the desk top.
  • Grommets are included to protect wires.
  • Main cable tray has multiple access points; through the hardwood covers on the desktop, through openings on the inside of the legs, and through holes in the front and bottom of the tray.
  • Desk contains a hidden 6, 9, or 12 outlet surge suppressing power strip (protection up to 1824 joules), with plugs positioned to easily accept multiple power transformers.  Power strip has a max load of 1875 Watts and has 15 Amp resettable circuit breaker.