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Workspace Desks for Any Aesthetic

May 24, 2022

But what really sets the Artistic Series apart and makes it a great choice for your workspace is the customization. With the Artistic Series, you can have a laser-engraved logo on your desk, proudly displaying your company’s logo, or whatever image you may want.

Not only are the desks elegant and functional, but they also work to individually brand your space!

Vinton Luxury Standing Desks

There are many executive sit-stand desks in the world - Caretta itself offers several different varieties of them!

But if you’re going for unique aesthetics, it’s hard to beat the distinct color and natural wood style of the Vinton Sit-Stand Desk.

Available in both a traditional brown wood color as well as bold gray and black options, this style is unique and elegant, and the wooden standing desk suits a rustic or traditional aesthetic. But despite the rustic style, it still offers modern conveniences like cable and power management, and height adjustment with the press of a button or app!

Loft Series Desks

When you want a look for your workspace desk that is modern, but efficient, our Loft Series Desks fit the bill.

These high-end small desks are great for apartments or small workspaces, any place where your working space is somewhat tight. While the lack the bulk of some of our other workspace desks, they’re certainly not lacking in function!

Our Loft Desks are great for a minimalist style, if you want something sleek and effective that gets the job done in a compact space while still looking stylish.

The Cirrus 635 Desk

One of the most visually unique and stunning high-end modern desks in our collection, the Cirrus 635 desk sports a sky-blue maple top, and sleek design that is built with modern technology in mind.

The ½” laser-cut aluminum plate legs, ½” thick acrylic shelves with soft blue LED edge lighting, and a large locking, highly functional drawer complete the design in a way you have to see to believe.

From the stunningly bold color to the sleek artistic design, the Cirrus 635 is a desk that uses no words to say that you’re ready for the future.

These are just a few of our many options for workspace desks to fit your aesthetic, and that’s not even getting into the many customization options and companion products available to add function and style to your desk!

To find out more about how we can help you design your workspace aesthetic, contact us today, or visit our factory showroom to see our office desks made in the USA!

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