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Caretta Green Story

Designed for Green

From the inception of the company, Caretta Workspace was designed to be a "green" company.  From sustainable raw materials to corporate stewardship, Caretta stands out as more than just another furniture company.

About the Turtle:

The name of our company, Caretta, honors the endangered Loggerhead sea turtle.  

      caretta caretta loggerhead sea turtle


Wood Sourcing
FSC certified wood source
American hardwoods, when well managed, are one of our greatest renewable resources.

With our manufacturing facility located centrally in Ohio, we're in a region known for some of the most beautiful hardwoods in the world, and our wood supplier is located just down the road. That means the solid hardwoods going into our products have not been shipped all over the world to make it to our factory. Locally managed, responsibly harvested, milled, dried, hand selected and delivered direct to our facility saves fuel resources and insures consistency and superior quality control.

Our wood supplier has earned and maintains certifications that guarantees that our wood is sourced from certified, responsibly managed forestlands, and is tracked throughout the supply chain, from the forest to the consumer.

See more information on our commitment to sustainable forestry.


Wood Finishes
low voc wood finishes
The wood finish that we've chosen is durable and highlights the unique wood grain patterns in our products.


It's also an eco-friendly finish because it's free from formaldehyde and has very low VOC.

Reduced Waste
optimized manufacturing reduces waste
Our manufacturing processes have been optimized to produce a minimum amount of waste.


High Efficient LED Lighting
high efficient led desk lights
Our LED Desk Lamps are attractive, functional, and eco-friendly.  LED lamps use a fraction of the power as their tungsten and halogen counterparts.  We're producing more light than a 40 Watt halogen desk lamp, while consuming only 6.6 Watts of power!  Not only does that mean you save on the electric bill, but you're not going to burn your hand when you touch the light fixture. 


They also reduce waste because LED bulbs have a very long Mean Time Between Failure.  That means they're not going to burn out for a long time.

Lead Free Solder
lead free solder in circuitry
The circuit boards that we make for the LED lights, and what is used in the 12 position power strip, are RoHS compliant. 


  • Caretta Workspace was designed as a "Green" company from its inception.
  • We make a donation to the "Save the Sea Turtle Fund" at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium with every desk that is sold.
  • Our wood source is located within the region of our manufacturing facility.
  • The wood source is FSC certified and uses Best Management Practices for Sustainable Forestry.
  • Wood finish is low VOC and formaldehyde free.
  • Manufacturing processes are optimized to produce a small amount of waste.
  • LED lighting is very energy efficient.
  • Lead free solder used in circuitry is RoHS compliant.