How Caretta is a Luxury Brand

January 14, 2019

When we say the word “luxury” it may bring to mind visions of fancy sports cars and lavish homes, but luxury doesn’t always mean over-the-top or unattainable. At Caretta, we show you what luxury really means. The Caretta line of quality desks and office accessories offers a version of luxury that is both practical and indulgent. What does luxury mean to us?



Luxury means attention to detail. When you experience a Caretta desk, you understand that every fit, every feel, and every functional aspect of the desk is that way for a reason. Our obsessive attention to detail shows up in both the design and manufacture of each desk, from the high-grade materials that we have chosen, to the smart placement of wire grommets, and the perfect fit of every joint and seam.  Each piece of solid hardwood is hand-selected to ensure quality and beauty. Our experienced woodworkers sort through the available materials to ensure only the most beautiful, high-quality look. Desks are finished with a bull-nose edge and inlaid writing surface for an opulent feel.



Luxury means having the most elite craftsmen. All of the Caretta craftsmen have years of experience in woodworking and manufacturing. “Wood is such an organic material,” says Andy Tracewell. “Each piece has its own characteristics. It takes a certain eye to be able to select, work with, and assemble the individual wood pieces to showcase these characteristics. Our craftsmen are experts at this.” This results in a product that is beautiful, functional, and unique.


Customer Service

Luxury means convenience and ease. At Caretta, we believe in having excellent customer service, as well as luxury products. From the moment you call or visit our showroom, you will be treated with respect and all your questions will be answered fully. We make ordering easy and can help service customers from Washington state to Texas to Maine and everywhere in between. (Even Canada!) Your desk is well protected during transit to ensure a damage-free product.



Luxury means the ability to configure and customize. Every workspace is a bit different, and every customer has different needs in the way that they work. We strive to meet every need for every person. Accessories like our monitor arms, shelves, and side tables can be configured for right or left-handed arrangements to fit any room or person. In many cases, we can modify our standard products, turning rounded edges flat or creating custom stain colors.  We can even add laser engraved logos and artwork to make your desk one of a kind. We create every desk to feel like it was custom made. What could be more luxury than that?



Luxury means having every need fulfilled. Your office requires more than a desk. That’s why Caretta offers a full line of accessories. Bookshelves, filing cabinets, printer shelves, desk hutches, lamps, coat racks, side tables, conference tables, and more are available to finish your office and surround you with luxury at every turn.



Luxury means producing an environmentally responsible product. It all starts with our locally sourced wood. Hailing from just down the road in southern Ohio, our providers are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, meaning they use the best management practices to create and harvest only sustainable forests. The wood is harvested, milled, and dried all on-site. Not only are the forests sustainable, but using local products means less distance to truck the materials to our workspace, reducing our carbon footprint even further.  We can do all of this and still maintain uncompromised quality.


If you want true luxury combined with fashion and functionality, then you want a desk from Caretta Workspace. Call or visit us today to experience the Caretta difference!

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