Tools In Our Workshop: Our Steel Threaded Inserter Helps to Take the Headache Out of Desk Assembly

August 2, 2017

Take a step into our workshop, you will hear machinery humming, smell fresh hardwood, and witness wood and metal being crafted into beautiful furniture. At Caretta Workspace we pride ourselves on only producing the highest quality modern furniture. We pay special attention and detail from the fit and finish of our products, to the end-user experience of assembling their new desk. Our Steel Threaded Inserter puts the building blocks in place to make desk assembly easier.

One of the most common bits of feedback we hear from our customers is they are delighted at how easy their desk assembly was. First, they are happy that all the holes line up properly, then they are equally excited that they don’t have a pile of miscellaneous bolts and nuts, wood screws, and strange metal objects that look like they’ve come out of a puzzle. Our desks assemble with 1 size of standard steel ¼-20 machine screw, that easily threads into steel inserts in the bottom side of the desktops. We decided to use steel screws over wood screws for one main reason, wood screws lose their grip after being assembled and reassembled a few times. The machine in our factory that makes this all possible is the Steel Threaded Inserter.

This machine is responsible for putting the steel threaded inserts into the bottom of the desktops. Manufactured by FlexArm corporation, this valuable tool comes from just up the road in Wapakoneta, Ohio. (You know, the place where Neil Armstrong grew up!) Using our CNC wood router, we pre-drill a specific size hole into the bottom of the unfinished solid cherry desk top frames. The steel insert bites into the wood and creates a solid hold. The pneumatic machine uses air to operate and automatically sets correct depth. The arm helps to set the insert in the correct place and keeps the insert perpendicular to the surface so they are not installed crooked.

The steel threaded inserter arm is guided by one of our craftsmen while the steel head goes up and down to get the inserts into their correct place. The arm allows for the inserter to move freely while placing steel inserts throughout the top of the desk. The machine resembles the same sound as a drill, the operation is very smooth and quick. Our craftsmen can add all the steel inserts within 2-3 minutes. Taking these additional 2-3 minutes in the manufacturing process adds life, value and quality to the product.                  

To give you a better idea of how the steel threaded inserter works, we’ve taken a video from our workshop.

The steel insert is one of the many ways Caretta Workspace implements detail and quality into their products. The steel inserts are key when it comes time for a customer to assemble the legs of their desk. Steel machine-screws aid in easy assembly and allows for our desks to be reassembled many times over. Keeping the customer’s needs in the forefront of the design process and not skipping quality has resulted in the beautiful modern desks you see today.

Desk featured in the video: The solid cherry Loft Series Desk.

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