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Forward Thinking Design for Modern Office Furniture

June 30, 2017

The hallmark of great design is found in products that are both simple and elegant, yet highly functional. Every Caretta luxury desk has been thoughtfully designed with these principals in mind. Combining a desk that is designed for the latest computer/home technology with premium handcrafted hardwood, results in one of a kind computer workstation that is both classic and modern.

Caretta Workspace founder and designer, Larry Tracewell, noticed that there was something missing within current furniture design.  There were two main types of desks available for offices, classic wood and panel desks or desks made from welded steel tubes and glass. The wood desks had a classic upscale look but were not functional with the latest computer technology. The metal and glass desks had more functionality but were not aesthetically appealing. He saw an opportunity to do something different and create a desk that integrated beautiful hardwood with a functional modern aspect.

Tracewell saw an opportunity to take the design to the next level.

“There was a growing trend in many cities where developers were taking old factories and warehouse buildings and converting them into high-end housing with a modern-retro look,” Tracewell said. “One of the first desks I designed at Caretta had a handcrafted solid wood top, matched with laser-cut steel legs, which gave it a bridge structure-like urban style. I then combined that style with a large cable tray, and designed a more functional power strip to hide under the desktop.”

Today this desk is known as the Modern Urban Series desk. This luxury computer desk finds its natural habitat in downtown luxury condos but fits just as well in any modern office. 

The Modern Urban Series Desk combined two elements that historically had been kept separate within the desk market. Providing customers with a beautifully crafted desk that eliminated unsightly office cables. Tracewell’s forward thinking resulted in an unparalleled luxury desk and has become a constant piece of inspiration for future designs. While all Caretta products are integrated with modern technology, the tradition of handcrafted solid wood and obsessive attention to detail remains front and center during the design process. 

Caretta is excited to introduce new classic and modern furniture pieces throughout 2017 and beyond. All pieces will stay true to the Caretta promise of providing customers with the highest quality desk, built with American hardwood and innovative technology that completes all cable management office needs. Here at Caretta, we cannot wait to bring you behind the scenes as innovative hardwood furniture production continues.

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