Building a Standing Cherry Wood Desk: Woodworking Network covers Caretta Workspace

February 4, 2014

In their January 31, 2014 article Building a Standing Cherry Wood Desk: Caretta Workspace, Woodworking Network reporter Matt Schumake looks into some of the history of people using standing desks, and some of the recent news in the popularity of standing desks, such as the recent article in "Popular Science" titled "Sitting is the new Smoking."

He goes on to discuss how Caretta Workspace has gone on to set itself apart from the other manufacturers of standing desks to incorporate a higher level of style to their desks.

Since standing while writing has been such a far-reaching and ongoing issue, it’s puzzling that so many professionals are still making a living on a foundation of old telephone books rather than proper furniture.

Part of the problem, notes Andy Tracewell from Caretta Workspace, is that nobody has really set out to create heirloom-quality desks specifically for people who prefer to stand while working at a computer.

All of the furniture items at Caretta Workspace are born from this very formula: a solution to a problem. An engineer by profession, founder Larry Tracewell began building desks for customers who wanted to conceal their laptops when not in use.

Caretta’s desks all minimize the presence of tech clutter by integrating the computer into the furniture itself. All of the cables and wires are concealed in hidden passageways throughout the desk and connected to an integrated, 12-position power strip.

And the desks are crafted from solid cherry hardwood, harvested locally in Ohio. As a commitment to sustainability, Caretta only purchases the material from local suppliers who carry the Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody certification from the Rainforest Alliance’s Smartwood Program.

Schumake continues by describing some of the processes and materials that Caretta uses and how there is some level of customization that can be added to their products.

You can read the complete article on the Woodworking Network site, or find it at this link.

Matt Schumake
Building a Standing Cherry Wood Desk: Caretta Workspace - See more at:
Building a Standing Cherry Wood Desk: Caretta Workspace - See more at:
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