Columbus Business First features Caretta Workspace - Caretta Workspace

Columbus Business First features Caretta Workspace

December 4, 2013

On Friday, November 29th, Columbus Business First ran a feature article featuring Caretta Workspace.  In the article titled “Caretta desks hide wires fashionably,” reporter Melissa Dutton writes about Caretta Workspace Founder Larry Tracewell and his reasons for starting the company.

“Tracewell, a designer, was intrigued by the idea of concealing things within the piece of furniture. He designed other desks that had compartments to hide wires and cables for computers, modems and other electronics. He liked the idea of hiding the unsightly wires that distract from the aesthetics of the furniture.

“We integrate the technology in the desk,” he said. “It’s all been designed into the desk.””

The article goes on to discuss why Caretta Workspace was founded as a Green company and why they have a commitment to Sea Turtle Conservation. Dutton also touched on the subject of other products that are offered by Caretta and some new products in the line.

“Caretta also makes tables, hutches, coat racks, file cabinets and a line of desk lamps designed by Tracewell. He developed a new line of desks made of composite material in response to customers looking for a lower price point.”

You can read the article in its entirety on the Columbus Business First website:

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