The Metropreneur writes about Caretta Workspace - Caretta Workspace

The Metropreneur writes about Caretta Workspace

December 19, 2012

The Metropreneur, which is an online business news magazine, featured Caretta Workspace in an article titled "Caretta Workspace furniture a mix of technology, traditional materials."

In the article, they interview Larry Tracewell, the founder and product designer for Caretta.  They discuss topics ranging from the inspiration and initial product development for Caretta Products, to what sets Caretta Apart from its competition.

Here is an excerpt:

The Metropreneur: How do Caretta products differ from other office products on the market?

Larry Tracewell: When people are shopping for office furniture, they have several options. They could go to box stores and find a relatively inexpensive desk made of pipes and glass or laminated particle-board products. They may come equipped with a wire grommet hole and possibly a hook to hang wires, but most do not. They could also go to an expensive full custom desk or modular desk system, which again may have functionality as a computer desk, but does not really get it from a management perspective.

By contrast, our desk has a large hidden cable tray embedded in the desk that can hold a large amount of cable. There are access points to that cable tray from multiple points throughout the desk, so anywhere you put your printer, monitor, or multiple monitors, computer or anything else, there is easy access to the tray, which gives a place to hide and route the cables.

You can read the complete article here at the Metropreneur.

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