Full Spectrum LED Desk Lamp

Wave Full Spectrum

Dimmible LED Desk Lamp where you have control over Red, Blue, Green and White light.
Item # 541-0002-00-00-0
Dimensions 15" High

Caretta’s line of highly efficient LED desk lamps is truly unique. They have a distinctive look with laser cut metal and solid cherry wood bases.

With the Wave Full Spectrum lamp, you start with warm white light, then you can turn the color knobs to blend in red, blue, green and white light to create virtually any color that you can imagine. When you dim the light, it maintains the same color through the entire dimming range. 

Caretta LED lamps are perfect for task lights and accent lights. They are also a fantastic way to highlight your favorite piece of crystal, artwork or just a way to add a little extra color to your life.



>>> This item has been discontinued <<<

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