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Vinton CPU Holder, Under Desk

The finish color on this item will match the desk on the order.
Item # 511-0085-010-00-0 - Vinton CPU Holder Under Desk


Do you need someplace to store your desktop computer tower on your Vinton sit-stand desk? Vinton CPU Holder, Under Desk is your answer! Lock your computer in with a wide, ratcheting nylon strap that fits most standard computer towers. The computer rides up and down with the desktop when it moves from sitting to standing position. This eliminates the need for extra long power and monitor cables.  

The Vinton CPU Holder, Under Desk comes with a modified, shorter lower desk shelf so the CPU is free to move to the lowest sitting position without bumping into the shelf.


The CPU Holder that is ordered will match the wood finish on your Vinton Desk.