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Loft Desk Companion Seat, Ash

Loft Desk Companion Seat, Ash

This Foldout Chair Adds Seating Options to the Small Office
Item # 511-0048-009-00-0 - Loft Companion Seat Ash


Have you ever needed an extra seat at your desk to show off your latest pictures, or help your children with homework? Have you ever had to sit on your knees next to someone on the computer because there is not a handy chair available? The Loft Desk companion seat is the answer.

The Loft Desk Companion seat attaches to the desk leg, and can be quickly stored away when not in use. This attractive solid ash hardwood seat has a sturdy hinge, and can hold a lot of weight. The comfort padded seat makes the perfect extra desk chair.  It has rubber bumpers on the bottom of the fold out leg, so it works well on any hard surface or carpet. The seat can also be used to hold papers or books that you are working on.

The Loft Desk Companion seat also comes with a Loft Storage Tray to hold the seat when not in use. When the seat is attached to the desk, this tray can be used to store books and binders, providing even more storage for this mighty little desk. 

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