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October 6, 2014

We have updated our website! 

Product Information: With the new site you will find it much easier to navigate through our products, and there are lot of new data-sheets to download. The site will continue to evolve with new content added continually.

New Products: We have added a few new products to or offering. There will be a lot more about this to come. There is a new Loft Series of desks with accessories, a new Traditional Desk, and a bunch of new monitor arms.

Shopping Cart: The functionality of the shopping cart has been updated, including a new tool to get shipping rates.

Updated Product Naming: With the launch of the new site, we have updated the naming conventions of our products. We have dropped all of the "Type" names of the products in favor of product families. This should make it much easier to understand.

Product Families: We now have the product families of Artistic Desk Series, Modern Urban Series, Standing Series, Loft Series, and Traditional Computer desks.

Size: most of our desks have two options of widths. The smaller 45" desks are designated as a "1" and the larger 62" versions are designated as a "2"

Here is a naming conversion chart:

Old NameUpdated  Name
Type 31 Loft DeskArtistic 1 Computer Desk
Type 31  Return DeskArtistic 1 Computer Desk, L Shaped
Type 21 DeskArtistic 2 Computer Desk
Type 21 Return DeskArtistic 2 Computer Desk, L Shaped
Type 62 DeskModern Urban 2 Computer Desk
Type 62 Return DeskModern Urban 2 Computer Desk, L Shaped
Type 32 Stand Up DeskStanding Computer Desk 1
Type 22 Stand Up DeskStanding Computer Desk 2


The accessory names have been updated to correspond to the new naming convention.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us!

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