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  • Manages Wires & Cables
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  • Standing Computer Desk 1

    Standing Computer Desk 1

    Standing Desks are height adjustable from 40" to 45"

  • Wire and cable management

    Wire and cable management

    With a large cable tray and integrated power strip, wires and cables disappear.

  • Two Wood Stain Options

    Two Wood Stain Options

    Request a FREE wood sample at the top of the page.

  • Standing Computer Desk 2

    Standing Computer Desk 2

    62" wide standing desk.

Standing Desks

Standing Desk Series are executive standing desks that are height adjustable from 40" to 45". These desks feature a 2.25" thick solid wood top, integrated cable tray and power strip and inlaid writing surface.

This beautiful wood standing desk features a desktop that is more than two inches thick solid Cherry that is rich in color and strong in the character of its unique wood grain patterns. It also includes a durable writing surface and shelf in between the legs that can support up to 80lbs (evenly distributed).

The same challenges exist with standing desks as traditional seated desks: what to do with the cables, wires and power strips that are required in any workspace, especially with the reliance on smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices that add additional cords to the desk top. This issue is magnified in a stand-up desk, which is further off the floor, leading to the use of unsafe extension cords, tripping hazards and unsightly cables hanging down from the desktop.

As with all Caretta Desks, cable management is actually incorporated into the desk system, resulting in a clutter-free, safer workspace.

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  • Standing Computer Desk 1
    The Small Luxury Solid Wood, Executive Standing Desk with Cable and Power Management
    Dimensions: 45" X 32"
  • Standing Computer Desk 2
    The Large Luxury Solid Wood, Executive Standing Desk with Cable and Power Management
    Dimensions: 62" X 32"
  • Concierge Desk
    The standing Concierge Desk is the perfect desk for a hotel, automotive dealer, reception area, or any public space.
    Dimensions: 45" X 32"